The Steps

With a menu compiled of a mash up of japanese, mexican, and greek foods everyone is sure to be able to throw together a combination that will be bursting with flavors. We feature a wide variety of proteins ranging from chicken teriyaki, to sweet chili gyro, to fresh saku tuna and salmon. Our fillers section is no different with a wide variety of fresh product ranging from a spicy asian slaw to a corn salsa.

Our fast casual set up is perfect for the pickiest of eaters as they can walk down the line and pick and choose exactly what it is they would like to feature in their burrito, bowl or salad. We outline our steps below with a quick explanation of what that step entails along with each ingredient. Roll On Down, and enjoy.

Step One


how do you roll?

The first step in our process is to decide how do you roll. You can choose between a burrito, bowl, or salad. The burrito is more of a play on words than an actual burrito. It is still wrapped in the traditional nori seaweed wrap but it is cut into 2 large pieces that you eat like a burrito, hence a sushi ‘burrito’.

Next up, if you are still uncertain of a sushi ‘burrito’, you have our bowl option. The bowl is essentially as it sounds, a bowl filled with a bed of sushi rice and topped with everything you choose. The salad is not much different than the bowl, the rice is just substituted with a bed of mixed greens.




Step Two



The second step of our process is to decide how hungry you are. The burritos, bowls and salads start out at $8.49 with your choice of a single protein and unlimited fillers and toppers. If you are feeling a bit more hungry than usual you can add more proteins. The Double protein is most certintaly

Each protein, whether it is tuna, salmon, or shrimp, cost an additional $1.50 more. So load it up! The most popular option we’ve seen our customers getting has been a double protein. A large majority of people combine a hot/crunchy protein with a cold or a spicy with a non-spicy protein.



Meat and greet

Step Four


Fill it up!



top it off!